Wednesday, May 5, 2010


For the Bride-To-Be


Shondra @cookiecanvas said...

Great Job, you are taking the wedding cookie to a new level, Ive seen many decorated but none like these.

Mrs. Baron said...

What a very nice compliment. Thanks so much!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. Baron,

My daughter will be making her communion in a couple of years, I was wonder if you can tell me how much you would charge me for cookie favors !
I'v tasted your cookies at TT and your cookies are Amazing and Delectable. When I taste your cookies the sweetness and flavor just dance in my mouth. Thank-you for your hardwork !!

Miss. Veronica (Breaker@TT)

Mrs. Baron said...

Hi Miss Veronica! What a wonderful compliment-thank you soooo much!!!!! Unfortunately, as the cookies r so time consuming I have recently stopped doing orders. I just don't have the time to put into it that I'd like!!! I'll keep the goodies coming to TT though!!!! Thanks again!

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